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The Vintage Lightroom Mobile Presets Bundle comes with a comprehensive PDF manual with step-by-step instructions (like screenshots) how to establish your own Lightroom Mobile presets. You will, however, need to be on a Desktop computer to open the listing files, as this list contains a compressed ZIP folder with the PDF documentation file and also the DNG Lightroom Preset documents. The Vintage Lightroom Preset Bundle is a selection of 5 presets that have been tested on a variety of JPEG pictures. While the presets do work on a variety of lightings and graphics, make sure you play around with your temperature once you first use the edit! I have also included a FREE Lightroom editing guide to assist you through the practice of making any necessary changes. This Lightroom preset set is designed to get MOBILE use. Mobile presets are intended for a completely free mobile version of Adobe Lightroom and will not operate on desktopcomputer. Important to note:Prior to buying this listing, please note that this collection is NOT meant to possess a exceptional style for every one of the 5 presets. Some only be variations of another — i. e. adjustments for the exposure, colour, coloring and tones. The purpose of this is really to provide you further options to simplify your editing procedure. Moreover, please note that each preset will FREE Vintage Lightroom Presets work differently depending upon the picture that it is applied to. Factors like camera settings, light requirements and quality will influence how each preset looks in your picture. This is why there’s more than one version included on this buy, instead of 1 preset. What is contained at The Vintage Lightroom Mobile Preset Collection? 5 Stylish LR. DNG PresetsThese presets are optimized for Adobe Lightroom Mobile App (complimentary )All these presets work well on JPEG imagesInstructions for preset setup Included in the download document – PDF Guide using Dropbox link to presetsInstant Download. These Lightroom presets are versatile and user friendly. Basic editing knowledge from Lightroom is suggested. The Procedure:This list includes a detailed PDF guide with step-by-step instructions (including screenshots) on how to establish your Lightroom Mobile presets. This manual includes links that can take you straight to the folder containing your own DNG presets. The DNG documents are included in the listing purchase as well. You will have to be on a Desktop computer to open the compressed ZIP folder included with this listing. A simple understanding of Lightroom is suggested to utilize these presets, as most pictures will most likely require a little bit of tweaking post-uploading the preset! DOWNLOAD PAGE Quick Download With Cloud Drive Link Password Unzip: Freepreset. Net If you found the link was error, please comment!!!

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